About What A Pittie

“What A Pittie” is a dedicatedPitbull On A Boat Pitbull Sanctuary and a no-kill rescue organization deeply committed to the welfare of this often misunderstood breed. Founded in 2023 by our passionate owner, Jessica Poole, we are a 501c(3) nonprofit entity, entirely volunteer-driven, with a mission to advocate for, educate about, and rescue Pitbulls.

We operate without a kennel or other facilities, and our ability to take in dogs is limited to those at risk within public shelters. We cannot accommodate strays or privately owned dogs.

Pitbull In the Hall

In the short time since our inception, we’ve found loving homes for numerous dogs, with our Pitbull family members becoming integral parts of diverse households – from families with young children to retirees and college students.

At “What A Pittie,” we focus our efforts on Pitbulls due to the breed prejudice and misconceptions they face.

 shelters, particularly in the South, Pitbulls face the highest risk of euthanasia in overcrowded facilities.

Pitbull In A Blanket

 These factors render them less adoptable and more susceptible to neglect, abuse, and abandonment. As the most common breed in U.S.

But for us, it’s not just about rescuing these dogs – we adore them. Many of us live harmoniously with Pitbulls as family dogs, therapy dogs, agility dogs, and most importantly, providers of unceasing love, warmth, and fun. As they enrich our lives, we strive to repay that generosity by providing them with the safety and love they so genuinely deserve. Join us in our mission to change the narrative for Pitbulls, one rescue at a time.”